Amit Arora’s work features some Great mix of Fashion, People, Places & Art. His vision varies such as capturing feelings, be it pain, happiness, a smile or can be the beauty of the nature.

Some of his work also shows his abstract mindset while trying to experiment with some bold ideas with disparity.

For him, photography is a spiritual quest. Photography completes him. He’s committed to his profession & yearns to keep producing great pictures. He feels “Here only the Passionate and truly committed survive”.

The images chosen here depict the expansive vision & interpretation of the subject. He’s amongst those blessed ones who are keen on exploring more, whose vision is endless. His collection includes some Fashion, Advertising & and a lot of personal work.

He has done commercial work for Microsoft, Fab India, Monte Carlo, Franco Leone, Delhi Metro, Mauritius Tourism & Vogue Wedding. Done fashion shoots for various renowned designers including for Bride Dubai and India Fashion Week.

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